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This is a informational Website only, you can not purchase a product on this website.


When using this website, cookies are saved on the device you use to access the page. They enable the system to recognize your browser and to provide services which are of interest to you personally.

Cookies are small text files (alphanumeric identification symbols) which are stored on users’ end devices when they visit a website. When the same website is visited again, the information which was saved will then be sent back to the participating server. We use first-party cookies and third-party cookies, which can be designed as session cookies or temporary cookies.

Session cookies are automatically deleted from your hard drive after your browser session. These cookies store a so-called session ID, which is assigned various requests from your browser during a shared session. This type of cookie is used in relation to the basket function in the online shop as well as to user and licence data. Its use is technically required in order to be able to connect your user account with your actions over separate visits.

Temporary cookies are deleted after a pre-determined amount of time. These cookies allow us to recognize a repeated website visit based on the feedback from the cookies to the participating server over various browser sessions. A connection to your user account (where applicable) and the possible identification will only be implemented if you select the “Remember me” function during login. In this way, we can provide a personalized shopping experience.

Third-party cookies are only set by servers if they are not identical with our servers, i.e. if they come from other websites you have visited. In contrast, first-party cookies on browsers are not accessible across domains. Third-party cookies are used when using our website and our online shop by some third-party companies (for further details about some selected providers used by us, see below under c).

By using these third-party cookies, also known as “tracking cookies”, a user’s visits to various websites can be assigned to the specific visitor. This allows us to draw conclusions about the visitor’s interests and to accordingly customize websites (personalization, for example through individually tailored advertisements).

You also have the option of configuring your browser so that specific types of cookies are not allowed or deleted. You can also visit our website if your browser settings block the placing of cookies or if you do not agree with having cookies placed on your hard drive. We would like to inform you, however, that if you do so, you may not be able to fully use all features on our website, in particular purchases via the use of a virtual basket, which will not be possible for technical reasons (see above).

Personal Data

  • This Website is a Product information Page only and does not collect personal Data.
  • It is not possible to create a user account on this Website.
  • It is not possible to purchase a Product on this Website.
  • This Website is not connected to Google analytics or any other Analytics Service.
  • This Website has no Payment System implemented.
  • This Website does not collect email adresses, names or adresses.
  • This Website has no Contact Form implemented.
  • The Website is hosted by based in Dubai – United Arab EmiratesMore information on how processes personal data 

If you are interested in Sektor or it´s Demo version you can try the demo or purchase a license on the developers website , please read the Initial Audio´s Privacy Policy if you want more information on how processes data at

Links to Third-Party Providers

Links to third-party providers and our internet presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are embedded in our website. You can activate the redirection by clicking on the relevant symbol (for example the Facebook button) on the lower part of our website. Initial Audio is not responsible for data processing carried out by third-party providers. Please learn more about data processing by reading the relevant company’s privacy notices.